Randy Jackson may leave American Idol panel

Say it ain’t so, dawg. The last remaining original judge set to leave the show. Now what’s Idol going to do?!

Randy Jackson, who’s been a fixture on “American Idol” since the very beginning, could be leaving the judging panel, according to reports.

On the same day that Fox announced fellow judge Steven Tyler is deserting the show after two seasons and Jennifer Lopez hinted on NBC’s “Today” that she’s ready to move on, a Jackson departure could be the next dramatic shake up, according to Us Weekly.

“(Show producers) think they need to freshen everything up now,” a source told the magazine.

But for fans worried that Jackson — who’s brought stability to the show since it first aired 10 years ago — may be gone for good, he would still remain on as a mentor, according to the report.

A possible replacement: Mariah Carey, the songstress whose career he’s managed since late last year.

“They are in serious talks with Mariah and it’s very close to being a done deal,” the source told Us Weekly. “And they will move Randy into a more mentoring role.”

American Idol has had a great run, but could this be the end? Well at lest Ryan Seacrest is still there. Right?

Glee Recruiting American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez for Season 4

Jessica Sanchez may have come in second to Phillip Phillips on American Idol this past May, but she may just come out on top on another Fox show; Glee.

The 16-year-old singer is in negotiations for a multi-episode arc on the new season of Glee, TVLine reports.

Glee plans to have her join the cast midway through the first half of Season 4.

This won’t be the first time Glee has pulled from the Idol roster for casting. Series regular, and American Idol reject, Amber Riley, aka Mercedes Jones, auditioned for the singing competition during Season 2.

Jive Records drops David Archuleta

David archuleta

Another American Idol constant looses their record deal this time it’s David Archuleta.

David’s latest album The Other Side of Down sold only 67,000 copies. That’s not enough to make it worth while for Jive Records.

David’s now looking for a new company to try to revive his career.

Chances are we’ll hear from him again, and lets hope he starts to make better music or we may never hear from him again.

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Aerosmith Music Sales Up 250% Since Steven Tyler Became Judge on ‘Idol’


Since Season 10 premiered on Jan. 19, with Tyler making his debut on the judges’ panel alongside Jennifer Lopez, sales of his band’s Greatest Hits collections have shot up more than 250%, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Aerosmith’s 1994 compilation Big Ones, saw increased sales of 260% after the show’s premiere. Likewise, 2004’s Devil’s Got a New Disguise: The Very Best of Aerosmith, saw a spike of 146% after week 2 of Idol. Two more Greatest Hits collections registered surges of 137% and 147%.

Some perspective: Prior to the Fox show’s launch, Aerosmith catalog sales were on the decline, selling under 1,000 copies a week. That number has swelled to well over 2,000 per release.

Sounds like American Idol is the place to be!

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American Idol is coming back, but does anyone care?

American Idol Microphone

The commercials are all over TV. American Idol is returning on January 19th, but does anyone care?

Without Simon does the show stand a chance?

I’ve been excited to see the commercials showcasing Carrie Underwood, Lee DeWyze and other past Idols, but as soon as I see Steven Tyler or Jennifer Lopez, my excitement drops.

It just doesn’t feel like the same show anymore.

Will this year be the re-birth of American Idol? Or will it be the beginning of the end?

Is Kelly Clarkson Going Country?

A few weeks ago on the CMA awards, Kelly Clarkson joined Jason Aldean for a performance of Don’t You Wanna Stay.

Kelly did a great job and looked stunning. It’s was great to see that she still had a greet voice and country music would be a great way to showcase that.

The song will also be released to country radio too. Chances of it hitting the top of the charts is pretty good too.

Kelly is a big country fan begin from Texas and Reba is one of her biggest idols.

You never know, Kelly could put out a country album and rock the country world.

I for one would buy that!

Ohh and here is a little behind the scenes look at Jason and Kelly.

Idol Auditions Are Coming To Your Town! Your Bedroom!

American Idol Online Auditions

American Idol is coming to your hometown, sort of.

This year you can audition on MySpace in the comfort of your own bedroom!

The rules:

  • You have until October 6th 2010 to get your auditions in.
  • You have to pick from a list of pre-selected songs.
  • Auditions must be no more than 40 seconds long.
  • You must be between 15 & 28 years of age.
  • You must have a MySpace account.

If you’re good enough,  you may be selected to then go to LA and audition in front of the judges!

All the details can be found at: http://www.myspace.com/americanidol

Good luck!

Who Needs Idol Judges When We Have You?

Idol Microphone

American Idol is just days away from starting auditions in front of judges, but there are no judges.

After Simon left the show everything went downhill.

Ellen quit and then everything sounds like it fell apart. Randy and Kara aren’t even under contract so they could be out as well!

There have been speculations from Shania Twain to Howard Stern to be judges, but who really needs them anyway? I mean you are the one who’ll pick the winner.

The public votes, the public decides and the public controls the show; after the top 24 or so.

Yes, we still need judges to whittle down millions to a dozen or more before we get our turn, but I’m sure they could get creative and come up with a way that America could just do it all and leave the judges out of it.

What do you think? Do you want to be the next American Idol judge? Or who do you think should be?